Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stay Little 1

It seems like most kids want to grow up so fast, not me...
I want to enjoy being little while I can.

So while you are a kid be sure to:

Enjoy little fancy purses,

sneak on some lipstick,

day dream,

share secrets with your friends,

 and hug your parents a lot.

Remember you will be an adult 
before you know so make every day count!

What's YOUR fave thing about being a kid?

Stay Tuned...
Stay Little will become a regular column.


  1. Nice post Annie! I don't want to grow up!

  2. Hi Baby, I love you and wish you could stay little too :)
    BUT you'll be a pretty cool adult too. I'm very proud of you!

  3. Nice post! I loved being a kid, but being grown up to pretty fun too:)
    I used to love being able to snuggle into my mum and dad's bed when I was cold. That would have to be one of my fave things to do. I also enjoyed dressing up in my mum's unwanted clothes. We didn't have money for real dress ups!

  4. Annie everytime I see your beautiful face you make me smile....xxxxx ps you look like a Mini Libbie you are so lucky to have a wonderful mum just like her-love dee x

  5. Annie, that is a perfect have the rest of your life to be an adult so don't hurry to be one yet !

  6. Owww Annie you are too cute...!...x! you...and your sweet mom too ...!...x!

  7. Hello there Annie! Wow! What an awesome blog!

    My favorite thing about being a homeschooled teen is the freedom to read and write as much as I want! I'm enjoying being a teen just as much as I enjoyed being little - maybe even more. :) I have a feeling that being an adult will be totally cool too!


    P.S. I'd be honored if you'd join my blog, imsarahgrace art, photography, and design ( This is where I muse about a wide range of topics: art, photography, design, lifestyle, food, travel, and more. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I hope to see your name around these parts! :)

  8. Hi, I liked that pic with the horse. Soooooooooo cute. I love horses, specially ponies. Thats why I wrote story about it on my blog.

  9. Hey Annie !! What a very Cute and Wonderful Blog !! , I lOVE IT! Beautiful Drawings and Love your "Little Fancy Purse" <3


  10. I love your blog! You were tagged:
    I love being little!


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