Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Purse

My mom made a deal with me. 
If I got rid of 4 of my kid purses she would buy me a real purse.
I got rid of 5.
We went searching for a purse.
Bo helped me pick out the perfect one.
This one was runner up.
But this one won!
In my purse I carry my camera.
I have been taking lots of pictures.
I have been editing by the Eiffel Tower.
I took some pictures of things I carry in my purse.
Check them out!
Lip Gloss.
A for Annie.
My blog book where I write my blog posts.
And every girl needs a little glitter, 
so this is my buddy I carry in my purse.
She is actually a bottle of glitter.

I call it Pixie Dust.
What is in your purse?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Lipstick

On Valentine's Day look what I did after school:
I put on red lipstick and went on a mission.

I got Rocco when he was sleeping,
when I knew I had a good chance of getting him.
Roo didn't care about the big kiss. 
He just wanted a cookie.
Kit was easy.
I wonder how he feels about it?
Bo doesn't like kisses.  
He was the hardest to get.
He blocked me from getting him.
Then I was trying to fool him.
Then I smooched him!
Victory is mine!!!
He tried to wash the kiss off.
And that was the story of how I smooched all of my brothers!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

 It's Valentine card time.
Here are the steps I did so you can make some too.
Now write in your swirliest curliest writing!

Make sweets.
Dip Oreos in chocolate & sprinkle on pink.
 Tie the ribbon and done!
This is for my BFF.
This is for my Prayer Pal.
 Now send them off!
Now tonight I have to work on my Valentine box.
(and practice my recorder.)
Who is your Valentine?

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi! I am Annie. 
I have 4 trouble maker brothers. 
Sometimes they are maniacs.
Sometimes you see Bo running after Rocco with a toy sword and Rocco yelling, "MOMMY!"
And, "DADDY!" 
(The main thing you hear when
someone is in danger from brothers.) 
Sometimes Bo chases me
 with the sword and it is not pretty.
Sometimes Dad chases
them if you know what I mean. 
Kit is the good one. 
Kit is my two month old brother.
If you want trouble come on over.
You'll love it over here if you want danger.