Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love Nails

This brush is important for this job.

It has a brush on one end and...
...a little metal ball at the other end.
First, you use clear nail poish
& sprinkle glitter on top before it dries.

Then, put clear nail polish on the bottom of your nail like a V.
& Sprinkle!
Carefully draw the top of the heart
with nail polish & sprinkle!
Then, after you sprinkle,
 dust the extra glitter off with the brush tool.

Use the ball end to fill the heart in with clear nail polish.

Then sprinkle!
Shake the extra glitter off
You'll have perfect nails!

Pick a perfect background & take a pic of your beautiful nails!
What colors are you gonna use?


  1. I love the colours you have used Annie.I have false nails now and just keep them French.When my daughter was littlebI had really long nails and she used to paint them different colours.Aidan my little boys loves to paint his toe nails at the moment they are lime green sparkle-love to you and your family-love dee xx

  2. Owwwww lovely !!!....enjoy your sunday sweetie !! to your mom...x !

  3. That is really pretty! I especially like the little heart!


  4. Those look amazing, and really complex. Everytime I've tried cool nail art it always looks a mess. Well done!

  5. eeee~~ Such a cute idea Annie!~~♥ I will try this (^-^)

  6. Annie honey I was so excited to find out tonight you have your own blog.
    I love your site and this post is awesome. Your nails are darling.
    Grandma Yellow Hair

  7. Your nails look really good!

    Amelia Grace

  8. Great job! Did you know that I have a blog similar to yours, at CreativelyYOUniqe wordpress?

  9. What cute nails!

  10. Those. Are. So. Cool!!! They look so cute! :)


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