Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Lipstick

On Valentine's Day look what I did after school:
I put on red lipstick and went on a mission.

I got Rocco when he was sleeping,
when I knew I had a good chance of getting him.
Roo didn't care about the big kiss. 
He just wanted a cookie.
Kit was easy.
I wonder how he feels about it?
Bo doesn't like kisses.  
He was the hardest to get.
He blocked me from getting him.
Then I was trying to fool him.
Then I smooched him!
Victory is mine!!!
He tried to wash the kiss off.
And that was the story of how I smooched all of my brothers!



  1. O lovely !! are so sweet lady.....with your 4 brother' to come here on your blog...did you see mine ???....;-)))...lovely Ria...and hug for your mom.....or do you have more lipstick ????..please give her a red kiss from!!!

  2. That is so cool! I love your kisses on their checks.....

  3. Annie! I feel a little left out that I didn't get a big red kiss on my cheek! I know Kelsey feels the exact same way as well =] Come visit again!

    -Your favorite cousin ever (otherwise known as Mackenzie)

  4. Annie that was very clever of you the way you got Bo.and I really liked your lipstick-love dee x

  5. Hey, don't forget me and of course, Boppa! And I know you would not forget your dad! I'm going to call you Cupid from now on with all those kisses you are spreading around! Love your blog and your valentine hoise, the best ever! Love you too, Annie!

  6. Annie, you are definitely your mother's child...I love this story and the pictures were great!!

  7. LOL...that was funny!
    G & N

    I like your pok a dots on your blog!

  8. Thats funny >.< You should put the lipstick on them as a prank while they are sleeping next! :P Mabye they would go to school with it on >.<

  9. This is a sweet blog, Annie! Mine is please do another post! I just love your blog!!!!!!!!


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