Friday, October 9, 2015

Can You Help?

     There is a little girl in my brother's 2nd grade class, she 7 her mom were in a very serious car accident September 14.  It has been almost a month and little Kyra just was able to come back to school but her mom is still unconscious.  The family has 4 kids and they would love to have their mom home with them soon.

     Can you help?  We are trying to get one person to pray in every single state.  If you will pray please email me a picture of a heart to put in a Shutterfly book for the Kerrs.  

We need lots more prayers and states represented.
I would appreciate this sooooooo much!

Please be creative:
you can take a picture of a heart in your house, 
draw a heart & take a picture,
make a heart on the computer,
find a clip art heart.
Whatever you want.

We just need you to pray,
all hearts will go in their book so they can see how many people are praying even if we get more than one from each state.

I was thinking...I never met anyone from Delaware.

Please email your picture to

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  1. I pray for them Annie...and put the heart on my blog....prayers help!!! from me Ria x


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